Plants, seeds, men

La biodiversità come risorsa e come invenzione per un futuro possibile

What is biodiversity?

We've all heard of biodiversity at least once in the recent past. When we hear about it we always think of the Amazon forest, natural parks, the wilderness. But perhaps not everyone knows why biodiversity is important for us all, because someone insists on wanting to save the last unknown seedling or microscopic fish.

Well you should know that the survival of life on earth, and even the survival of humanity, through the size of small catastrophes, is due to the ability of nature to find within itself the resources to survive. Whenever nature has found some hidden fold of its great diversity, a small solution to a big threat. This is why the importance of preserving all life forms. Biodiversity is therefore like a workshop: Depending on how it is equipped, more or less, can solve problems more or less.
Plants as laboratories for solar energy

Many natural compounds are of great importance to man and will be more in a future where oil chemistry is no longer so cheap. Plants are natural laboratories for solar energy that process useful substances: medicines, dyes, insecticides, antioxidants, perfumes, detergents, flavorings. Not only that, sometimes some anonymous seedlings, such as water chestnut (Trapa natans L.) are responsible for water purification. Or the common St. John's wort, St. John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum L.) selectively absorbs heavy metals from contaminated soils.
Create enterprise with biodiversity

Sanapianta believes and invests in its own in a development project based on the production and dissemination of special plants, from seed and selection of natural populations. The project will lead soon to be on the market with some selections of plants and lower plants.